Unity In Action and Tithing

Tithing is recognition of the presence of God within as the source of all our good. If one tithes through any feeling of coercion or fear, or even habit we miss the point. Assess where you receive your spiritual nourishment and tithe to it. Nothing builds consciousness as much as the process of giving willingly, cheerfully, lovingly, joyfully.

Unity has always taught the spiritual laws of Prosperity and Abundance. The Fundamental Teachings of Unity states:

Prosperity is the abundance of every good thing our hearts desire. This blessing originates in God, the Source of all good. It is manifested in our lives through our enlightened use of divine ideas of good with which God inspires us. When we consciously work with these ideas and use them wisely and lovingly, bountiful blessings will flow into our lives. As our awareness increases of the infinite supply which is perpetually available to us, our prosperity demonstrations will also increase. Our every need will be abundantly met in the most appropriate and fulfilling ways.

Unity’s Prosperity Principles

“God is my instant, constant, and abundant source of supply.”

We live in a universe of spiritual substance, infinite supply, and endless good.

God is our source and our supply. Other people, our jobs, etc. are channels through which we receive.

We are all worthy to partake of the infinite good that Spirit would give us.

Prosperity comes to us not in the form of material things but in the form of divine ideas.

Abundance is found in a consciousness of God, not a preoccupation with material things.

To live the abundant life we must practice the laws of giving and receiving.

Tithing is a spiritual discipline that helps us remember to put God first.

To clear the blocks to the flow of our good, we must forgive and let go of our resentments.

We must be open and receptive to receive this good.

Prosperity Prayer

Divine love in and through me, blesses and multiplies the awareness of all the good that I have, all the good that I give, and all the good that I receive.

This is an affirmation we use in Unity when we give. We believe that when we establish ourselves in the consciousness of God, the whole universe moves to flow into us with its abundance of life and substance.

What tithing does:

* It reminds you of your Source
* It is a consistent, methodical way of practicing good stewardship
* It opens new channels of supply
* It strengthens your faith
* It shapes consciousness as nothing else does

Some of the personal benefits to tithing:

* What you have goes further and lasts longer
* 90% with God goes further than 100% without God
* You start a flow of good back to yourself
* New opportunities come into your life
* You feel good about yourself because giving feels good
* Your tithe is a means to empower others
* You secure the future of those organizations that spiritually feed you


How Can I Give?


Did you know that for your convenience we can accept your VISA or Mastercard for your tithing gift to the church? Just contact our office 604-526-1421 or email:Tithing Information, if you wish to use this method of donation. We will be happy to set it up for you.

Great News!

Unity In Action has linked up to Canada It is a public, charitable foundation and Canada’s only online donation portal providing access to all of Canada’s 80,000 charities. You can now donate securely to Unity In Action or to your favourite Charity.


Here are some ways other than financial to make a significant and meaningful contribution.

Volunteer Opportunities = ACTION = Personal Rewards & Spiritual Happiness

There are many opportunities to contribute to Unity In Action. One powerful spiritual gift is Prayer. Perhaps consider attending the Prayer Group that meets on Wednesdays for prayer and discussion.
Do you have a special talent such as cooking, sewing, telling stories, painting, etc. Would you make some time to facilitate a workshop to showcase/teach your talent?
Do you have a passion for reading? How about starting a Reading Circle?
Do have ideas for community outreach? Would you form a group of like-minded people to brainstorm and put into action some creative ideas to reach out to our community?
Volunteers are Very Important People and an integral part of our community. Volunteers can be part of a specialized Volunteer Team and active on a regular basis, or if time is a factor, can sign up to be a spare or alternate. Volunteers can facilitate activities. Volunteers can do many things. Is Spirit calling you?



Making a will is important for lots of reasons, it is especially important for your family. Please also consider making a gift to your church or an important charity. This is a way to make a real difference to the possibilities for our ministry.

Make a Bequest in Your Will

A will is a legal expression of declaration of an individual’s wishes as to the disposition of his/her property after death. You may make a bequest by including the following words in your will: “I give, devise, and bequeath to Unity In Action Church, New Westminster BC (here insert the amount of money or description of property).” This language can be added to an existing will very easily and at minimal expense. A lawyer is recommended to provide assistance in drafting or amending a will.

As always, please consult with an estate planning attorney or other qualified advisor regardings a will, or other legal instrument which may best suit your needs.